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Base Stats Edit

Qualifications: SS+

Type of Boost: All

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 3151
Defense 197
Attack 703
Magic 650

Nirvana Edit

Nemesis Edit

Attack all targets, 20 % chance to empty enemy cards energy.

Natural Edit

Death Predation Edit

Attack back row target

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equpiment Boost
Evil Acnologia Life 26%
Big demons END, Mard Attack 30 %
M. Z. Mavis Vermillion Life 25 %
Mysterious Natsu Life 26%
Dark tempt Dark ring Attack 32%
Devil Power Equipment Demon Sword Defense 32 %

Awakening Edit

Energy absorp 2 Edit

When using normal attacks to defeat an enemy hands, extra reply 2 point magical energy

Crit up 6 Edit

Crit rate increased by 30 %

Vampiric Aura 8 Edit

All members gain additional attack ordianary life lessons 24 %

Revenge 2 Edit

Each team member was killed in a battle, reply 2 point magical energy

Bless injury 8 Edit

Up the whole team battle damage by 40 %

Strongest Black Edit

Attack, magic and life increased by 50 %