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Hello all!

I'm one of the admins here and if you've looked at some of the older card pages, you'll notice my name a lot. Back when I was on a different schedule I had much more time to work on this wiki and once even pulled an all nighter... :D But anyway I apologize for slacking so much on keeping it updated and finishing pages that never got done. Some were because we totally spaced to even make them and others because everyone's schedule got jam packed and we lost track of time. 

When I started playing the game last January, there were very few changes. My first four or five months in the game the only real changes we had were adding new servers. That quickly changed over the summer when the manga started adding a bunch of new characters and the game didn't want to get left behind. As you can tell, there's a gap in newer equipment and cards that a few other people have been trying to fill in. (Which thank you so much, btw, I hate that I let myself push this to the side for so long and I'm glad to see there's still some enthusiasm for this.)

As you can also tell from some of the screenshots, a lot of this was done before we had achieved massively high vips and cps. There are a few pages that are in dire need of updating to accommodate for this (they also need updating because event times have been adjusted and such.) Back when we first started this, the S-Class Mage Event was still going every few days instead of just the weekends or when new cards came out. So quite a few things have changed since then.

To a lot of us old timers, the game became just part of our daily routine. I know for me personally I rarely sit and focus on the game for more than an hour simply because I have things to do during the day. A lot of people have retired and some people have given their accounts to more active players. (To my retired friends, I raise my glass of rum to you. Don't know how I could ever quit now.)

So all of my pointless rambling aside, I sincerely do apologize for letting this slack. Big shout out to Madosi for really getting this going again. I really needed the kick in the rear to get it done. :D

What started out as something our dear Rinka dreamed up has really become a database of information! So here's to the old team who put together as much as they could and to the new team who will finish what we started!


PS Sorry if there are any spelling errors. For some reason my computer doesn't want to help me. :D