Previous Evolution

Base Stats Edit

Qualification: SS

Type of Boost: Attack

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 9476
Defense 672
Attack 3452
Magic 1746

Nirvana Edit

Magical Barrier Particles Edit

Attack on all target and has chance to poison them

Natural Edit

Spell dongdong Edit

Attack on single target (back row goal first)

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Zeref-D9 Zeref Attack 26%
Tartaros2 Ezel, Tempesta, Franmalth Life 34%
Rebirth Franmalth Defense 26%
B. Glory B.W. Armor Magic 28%
D. Glory Devil Ring Attack 28%
Devilpower Demon Sword Defense 32%

Awakening Edit

Crit increase 3 Edit

Critical rate increased by 15%

Magic 2 Edit

Damage increased by 10%

Increase life 7 Edit

Life increased by 35%

Revenge 4 Edit

Each team member was killed in a battle, reply 4 point magical energy

Life Aura 5 Edit

All members of the life increased by 25% in battle

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