Previous Evolution

Base Stats Edit

Qualifications: SS

Type of Boost: Magic

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 7876
Defense 569
Attack 2522
Magic 3452

Nirvana Edit

Spell Dark World Edit

Attacks all targets and blocks cards hit from releasing their skills.

Natural Edit

Spell Sword Edit

Attacks three random targets.

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Zeref-D7 Zeref Attack 26%
Tartaros2 Torafusa, Ezel, Franmalth Life 34%
W. battle Gajeel Defense 26%
Temptation B.W. Necklace Attack 28%
HellSong Purgatory Armor Magic 32%
Broken Purgatory Knife Defense 28%

Awakening Edit

Magic Enchantment Edit

After each wave of fighting, magic will increase 25% (up to 5 rounds.)

Parry increase 4 Edit

Block rate increase by 20%

Magic Growth 5 Edit

Increase skill damage by 30%

Magic 6 Edit

Damage increase by 30%

Magic Aura 4 Edit

Magic Increased by 8% for whole team