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Base Stats Edit

Qualifications: SS

Type of Boost: Power

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 5247
Defense 227
Attack 549
Magic 545

Nirvana Edit

Fairy Law Edit

Attacks all targets

Natural Edit

Titan Edit

Attacks a single target

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Generation Laxus, Ivan Dreyar Defense 29%
O.Opponent Jose Life 26%
G. Master Gildarts, Hades, Mavis Vermilion Magic 35%
Saint ten Jura, Jose, Jellal Defense 33%
F.glory Fairy Necklace Attack 32%
F.guard Armadura Fairy Magic 32%

Awakening Edit

Fairy Honor 2 Edit

For each member that was killed in battle, any damage suffered is reduced by 14%

Magic 4 Edit

Damage increased by 20%

Life Aura 3 Edit

All members of the life increased by 15% in battle

Magic guard 5 Edit

All players that suffered damage reduced by 30% when attacked by skills

Whack aura 6 Edit

Increase critical damage of all players in battle