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Previous Evolution  

Base Stats

Qualification: S-

Type of Boost: All

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 3277
Defense 173
Attack 591
Magic 573


Illusion Magic

Attacks all targets


Shikigami Dark Bomb

Attacks a single target


Name Characters/Equpiment Boost
Raven Tail Fare, Blacksnake, Obra Attack 32%
D. agent Gajeel Life 24%
Generation Makarov, Laxus Defense 29%
Fire F.E. Ring Attack 32%
Fire 2 Flame Emperor Sword Defense 28%
F.F. less F.E. Armor Magic 28%


Destroy 1

For each enemy killed in battle, attack power increases 2% (up to 5 rounds)

Magic increase 2

Magic increased by 10%

Parry increase 2

Block rate increase by 12%

Inspired attack 2

As the bench, attack power increased by 4% of all players

Magic 4

Damage increased by 20%