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Base Stats

Qualification: SS

Type of Boost: Attack

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 2175
Defense 236
Attack 1187
Magic 589


Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth

Attacks a single target



Attacks a single target (back row goal first)


Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Joseph Cana Life 25%
S-class Erza, Mirajane Attack 32%
G.Master Makarov, Hades, Mavis Vermilion Magic 35%
Succeed Sting Life 24%
F. Secret Fairy Necklace Attack 32%
D. Shield D.D. Armor Magic 24%


BOSS killer 3

BOSS bout increase attack power by 60%

Unconstrained Slayers

When normal attack, critical rate increased by 30%

Magic growth 5

Increase skill damage by 30%

King footer

Since coming pack from practice, completely immune the negative state

Crit potential 5

When life is less than 50%, increase critical rate by 35%