Fairy Tail app game Wikia

Congratulations, you have installed the Fairy Tail - Best Anime Game!

Within this game you will journey through the same story as your favourite heroes from the anime, battle fellow players, and face many fun and intricate challenges along the way! There is much to do, but before you begin you may be slightly confused to find that the starting screen is not in English. However, there is no need for concern; on this website we will try to guide you through the game as best we can and that includes offering translations.

Opening Screen

  • The first option listed is to create a new account. This will provide you with a random registration to begin the game.
  • The second option is to continue a save. It will automatically restore the details of your previous log in information, so it is very important that you remember these or you could lose access to your account!
  • The third option is to bind an account to your app. This will ensure you don't accidentally reset the game and it is recommended that you bind your landed account details as soon as you can!
  • There is a last option, to log in with Facebook which will automatically bind your existing Facebook profile with an app called "dragon mage" this option will allow you to play the game without needing to create a username or password.