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Previous Evolution

Base Stats

Qualification: SS

Type of Boost: Power

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 15680
Defense 862
Attack 1769
Magic 1824


Spell Absorb

Reduce the damage taken by all members (Shield)


Spell Scaling

Attacks single target (back row goal)


Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Tartaros2 Torafusa, Ezel, Tempesta Life 34%
Rebirth Torafusa Defense 26%
Absorb Hades Defense 26%
Temptation B.W. Necklace Attack 28%
HellSong Purgatory Armor Magic 32%
Broken Purgatory Knife Defense 28%


Defense Experience

When life is higher than 50%, increase defense by 25%

God Armor 4

Suffered damage reduced by 0%

Faith power 2

After each wave of fighting will increase defense by 25% (up to 5 rounds)

Magic 6

Damage increased by 30%

Defense Aura 6

Defense increased by 12% of all players