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Previous Evolution

Base Stats

Qualifications: SS

Type of Boost: Power

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life Unkown
Defense Unkown
Attack Unkown
Magic Unkown


Pentagram Sword

Attack front row, has a chance to stun opponents



Attacks front target (single enemy)


Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Best Team Natsu, Lucy, Gray Life 34%
E and J Jellal Attack 25%
Opponent Mirajane Magic 24%
S-Class Gildarts, Mirajane Attack 32%
God Guard Nakagami Armor Magic 32%
D.B.C.S. D.B.C.S. Defense 32%


Magic 3

Damage increased by 15%

Defense increase 4

Defense increased by 20%

Brave crit increase

As the front appearance, critical rate increased by 35%

BOSS rivals 7

BOSS bout increase damage by 60%

Fetters forever 6

After each team member is killed, the battle damage is increased by 35%