Diamonds (also referred to as gems) are highly sought after and less common than coins. Unlike coins, gems can be bought using real money.

How to Get Them Edit

The quickest way to acquire gems is to pay real money in the Mall tab, found by pressing Mail on the main screen. Each option has an amount of diamonds and the associated cost next to it. These options will provide DOUBLE the amount of diamonds listed as an extra bonus for first time buyers, but after purchasing an option once, will revert to a smaller bonus the next time you purchase that option. Each purchase of diamonds will add to your "recharge" meter, allowing you to reach the next VIP level, and access to the associated perks of that VIP level.

If spending real money on diamonds is something you aren't interested in, then here are some other ways to get rich!

  • Demon Hall: By performing well, you can be rewarded with diamonds as you survive rounds to get to a higher checkpoint. If you perform well enough to be ranked on the leaderboard you may receive gems also.
  • Tasks: Some tasks will have diamonds available as a reward for collecting every item drop that specific task has.
  • Daily rewards: You can receive gems from completing certain daily tasks.
  • Plunder: If you perform well and earn a place on the plunder leaderboard, you will gain gems along with magic crystals as a reward.
  • Reset: When the game resets each day you will receive a message from Mira containing gems.

What are they used for? Edit

Gems are used in many different situations.

  • To resurrect in dragon and attack again before the one minute cool down.
  • To spin extra times on the roulettes ( S class mage event, S class equipment event and lottery).
  • To contribute to your guild.
  • To buy more Physical.
  • To make purchases in Magic Shops and Black Store.
  • To copy a card in Gemini more than the allotted 2 free times.