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Base Stats Edit

Qualification: SS-

Type of Boost: Magic

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 1671
Defense 133
Attack 798
Magic 735

Nirvana Edit

F.glory Edit

Attacks all targets

Natural Edit

Card Magic Edit

Attacks back row

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equpiment Boost
Joseph Gildarts Life 25%
Examinat Bickslow Attack 24%
Alcoholics Bacchus Defense 24%
F.glory Mavis Vermilion Defense 25%
Fairyforce Fairy Sword Defense 32%
F.glory Fairy Necklace Attack 32%

Awakening Edit

Fate forecast 1 Edit

Receives one point of magical energy when attacked by critical

Magical Potential 2 Edit

When life is less than 50%, magic increases by 32%

Dodge Up 3 Edit

Dodge rate increased by 9%

Magic Armor 3 Edit

Reduced harm suffered by 20% when attacked by magic

Magic 4 Edit

Damage increased by 20%