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Kittenbean Kittenbean 1 January 2017

Sorry for slackin :D

Hello all!

I'm one of the admins here and if you've looked at some of the older card pages, you'll notice my name a lot. Back when I was on a different schedule I had much more time to work on this wiki and once even pulled an all nighter... :D But anyway I apologize for slacking so much on keeping it updated and finishing pages that never got done. Some were because we totally spaced to even make them and others because everyone's schedule got jam packed and we lost track of time. 

When I started playing the game last January, there were very few changes. My first four or five months in the game the only real changes we had were adding new servers. That quickly changed over the summer when the manga started adding a bunch of new characters …

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RinkaNinjaGirl RinkaNinjaGirl 5 April 2016

The Start of a Journey

Hello everyone!

I'm Rinka and I'm one of the admins involved in creating this page!

I have played this game for a while now and have often been dissapointed at the lack of information available online, especially with the translation issues! So, me and a few other people who enjoy the game have decided to work together and create this page for us all to use!

As anyone who stumbles across this site right now will see, there is a lot still to be done! To be honest when we decided to create this page I don't think we had any idea how much we were getting ourselves in for! In the past two days so much of our time and effort has gone into this page that we will all have to continue to give it our all.

Please, if you have any questions or just want …

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